On Business Etiquette­—From a Cross-cultural Perspective[论文]插图

On Business Etiquette

­­— From a Cross-cultural Perspective


2.Connection of business etiquettes and culture

2.1 Definition of business etiquette

2.2 Cultural influence on business etiquette

Cultural differences and business etiquettes

3.1 Different cultural factors affecting business etiquettes

3.1.1 Pattern of thinking

3.1.2 Time

3.1.3 Space

3.1.4 Values

3.2 Cross-cultural business etiquettes

3.2.1 Dressing

3.2.2 Appointment

3.2.3 Greeting behavior

3.2.4 Gift-giving

Principles of cross-cultural business etiquettes

4.1 Respect

4.2 Equality

4.3 Trust