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随着计算机技术的飞速发展,学校也已进入信息化时代。为了方便大学的学生管理以及学生进行互动交流,决定开发采用MVC模式,基于JSP的木兰县高级中学校园论坛系统,数据库使用SQL Server,在系统设计过程中,尽量采用易懂易读的人机界面,使用户可以在短期内完全掌握。软件开发过程中始终把系统的正确性放在首位,力求数据的完整和处理的正确性。在此基础上优化程序代码,加速系统运行和减少对系统资源的占用。


关键词:校园论坛;MVC;JSP;SQL Server



Along with the rapid development of computer technology, the school also has entered the information age. In order to facilitate the management of university students and students interact, decided to develop the MVC pattern, the senior high school MuLanXian based on JSP campus BBS system, database using SQL Server, in system design process, make use of the man-machine interface simple and easy to read, users can fully mastered in the short term. Software development process always put the correctness of the system in the first place, strive to the integrity of the data and processing accuracy. Based on this optimization program code, accelerate system operation and reduce on the system resources of the occupation.


Thesis illustrates MuLanXian senior high school campus BBS system overall design scheme of the system, including the use of key technologies, database design of each functional modules, detailed design and implementation, this system realizes the registered members, members login, log on can browse each module post Posting replies, check, can l, post, administrators who have change user information permissions, delete a user, management plate, can add, delete, modify plate information, be responsible for the management of posts set-top essence.

Keywords: campus BBS; MVC; The JSP; SQL Server