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摘要:随着经济的高速发展,超市规模的不断扩大以及商务往来的日益增多,超市对进销存信息的掌握和使用就越来越多,因此,以前的操作方式已不能再适应超市发展的需要。超市进销存管理系统就是超市最典型的管理信息系统(MIS),其开发主要包括前端应用程序的开发和后台数据库的建立和维护两个方面。对于前者要求应用程序功能完备,易使用等特点。对于后者则要求建立起一致性和完整性强、数据安全性好的数据库。本文采用ASP.NET和SQL SERVER 2000进行开发,在可行性研究和需求分析的基础上,对进销存管理系统进行了较详细的论述,遵循先进,经济,安全,实用,可靠,易操作的设计原则开发出了本系统。






Abstract: Along with the economical high speed development, the enterprise scale unceasing expansion as well as the commercial intercourse increase day by day, the enterprise to buys sells stores the information grASP.NETing more and more to be many with the use, therefore, the before operation mode has not  been able again to meet the enterprise need to develop. The enterprise buys sells stores the management system management system is the enterprise most typical management information system (MIS), its development mainly and maintains two ASP.NETects including the front end application procedure development and the backstage database establishment.Regarding former request application procedure function complete, is easy to use and so on the characteristic. Requests regarding former to establish the data uniformity and the integrity is strong, the data security good storehouse. This article uses ASP.NET and SQL SERVER 2,000 carries on the development, in the feasibility study and in the demand analysis foundation, to entered sells saves the management system management system to carry on a more detailed elaboration, followed advanced, economical, safe, practical, reliable, is easy the principle of design which operated to develop this system. In designs saves sells in the management system management system process, obtained has instructed teacher’s instruction, expressed the thanks.


Keywords: The Management Information System; ASP.NET




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