net网上聊天室xns2录像 ASP.NET网上聊天室[源码+论文+录像]插图


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Along with the development of Internet technology, daily life can not already do without the network. The life and work of the social people of future will depend on the development of digital technology more and more ,Digitize more and more, the networking, electronic, virtual. Development course and present application state and development trend of Internet, can believe network technology great change life and working way of us fully, Even a certain change will take place in the values of the society.

This procedure tries to build up a bookshop in the network with ASP.NET.NET, So that every customer needn’t go out and can do shopping easily through surfing the Net at home .this article is analyzing the design and realization of an online bookshop with Data Mining function, from the views of theory and practice. Starting with introducing concepts and techniques of OOA and OOP in detail, especially introducing the knowledge which apply for this system, such as: the feature and flow of OOA and OOP; analyzing the feature、structure and using method of developing techniques ASP.NET.NET and ADO.NET which using in my system. And then, this article analyses the feasibility of the system, then minutely layouts the design thoughts, goals and the system holistic framework. At last, this article minutely explains the design and realization of Web page layout, data base and application program of our system.

This online bookstore system uses ASP.NET.NET technology to realize on Visual Studio.Net platform. Its main function has: manage users, new books on sale, look for classified books, search books, collect favorite book, process of purchase, sales list, the comment of the books, website’s management, etc.

During the course of writing this article, I strive to integrate theory and practice. While expatiating the different kind of theories, I illuminate the application and operation skill combining the system so as to fully incarnate the application of these theories and techniques to this system.






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第1章 选题背景


1.1.1  课题研究背景

1.1.2  课题研究意义

1.2  可行性分析

1.2.1  经济可行性

1.2.2  技术可行性

1.2.3  操作可行性

1.2.4  法律可行性

2  需求分析

2.1  业务流分析

2.2  数据流分析

2.3  数据字典

3  系统功能模块划分

4  数据库设计

4.1  数据库需求分析

4.2  数据库概念结构设计

4.3  数据库逻辑结构设计

5  管理模块界面设计

5.1 用户界面

5.1.1 系统首页界面

5.1.2  站内新闻消息操作界面

5.1.3  在线聊天界面

5.2 管理员界面

5.2.1  后台登陆界面

5.2.2  用户信息管理页面

5.2.3  站内新闻信息管理界面

5.2.4 聊天记录管理界面


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