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经过实际调查和综合分析,本系统使用功能强大的Microsoft VS.NET作为开发环境,使用编程语言C # 对整个系统进行设计与开发,后台数据库使用Microsoft SQL Server 2000。本系统可以根据实际应用的具体情况,适当加以修改,以便更好应用。本系统操作简单,灵活性好,系统安全性高,运行稳定。

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The Management System of Medicine Enters Sells Saves Based on .NET


At present, the large and middle scale cities most hospitals already realized the outpatient service management, have been hospitalized the management, the drugs sale management and so on becoming an information based society , enhanced the management efficiency. But, in the majority county level hospital and the villages and towns clinic, the hospital management still by the traditional manual management primarily, specially in the medicine purchase, the sale, kept in stock the link, the traditional manual management process information chaotic, account item management difficulty, efficiency low, the waste was serious, has created state asset draining.

The medicine enters sells saves the management system management system but to develop for the solution above question, this system mainly aims at the small hospital and clinic’s medicine purchase, the sale, keeps in stock the link, the system may realize the drugs to go into storage function and so on management, drugs leaves storehouse management, adjusts prices management, inventorying management, finance information management, drugs information management, system maintenance, may facilitate completes each item of drugs attribute, the sales condition, the supply and demand condition statistics, causes each work the organization to be standarder.

Uses this system, may cause the administrative personnel to liberate from the massive tedious manual operation, the convenient hospital superintendent enters the actual situation to the medicine which sells saves to carry on the centralism the inquiry and the supervisory work, improves the hospital the work, enhances the working efficiency and the grade of service, at the same time may adapt the hospital and the social medicine guarantees the synthesis management the demand, reduces the resources the waste and drains.

After thorough investigation and generalized analysis, this system use function formidable Microsoft VS.NET took the development environment, use programming language C # carries on the design and the development to the overall system, the backstage database uses Microsoft SQL Server 2,000. This system may act according to the practical application the special details, suitably performs to revise, in order to better application. This

system operation simple, flexibility good, system security high, the movement is stable.

Key words:  management system,medicine,.NET ,C#




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1  绪  论

1.1 课题研究背景及意义

1.2  本系统使用的方法和语言

1.2.1 统一建模语言UML

1.2.2 .NET和C#


1.4 分析方法

2  需求收集

2.1 业务过程分析

2.2  研究领域分析

2.2.1 初步用例模型开发

2.2.2 开发初步类图

2.3 系统需求研究

2.3.1 收集系统需求


3  系统分析与设计

3.1 开发系统用例模型

3.2 系统数据库设计

3.2.1  数据流分析

2.3  数据字典

3.2.2  本系统的数据项

3.2.3  数据库需求分析

3.2.4  数据库概念结构设计

3.2.3  数据库逻辑结构设计

4  开发系统

4.1 编制代码

4.2  系统实现

4.2.1 用户界面

4.2.2 代码

4.3  部分系统界面及功能简介


4.3.2主界面 如图4-3

4.3.3客户信息管理界面 如图4-4

4.3.4采购管理界面 如图4-5

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