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This text studied a kind of according to data connection rule net top bookstore system, this project and present net top already the some project that adopt compares, having the customer usage more simple, the interface even keeps view etc. advantage.On the net bookstore is in the our country just start, but the development is very quick.Along with the our country Internet of much more make widely available to ascend the bookstore with the net gradually mature, there will be the more and more big consumption community, the market potential will get to develop well. A main work for doing is as follows:

introduce the character turn background and Win2000servers of the page the + tomcat+ the system of jsp general theory.expatiate system construction and work principles that whole each turn born system in in pages;Analyzing the system realizes inside of special, a little bit difficult with point.the design realizes the customer management, books catalogue management, books information records into the view of the management, bookstore order form management, books to check to seek, the bookstore shopping settles an account function etc. jsp page.the analysis combines some techniques problem that solution realizes inside. establish complete net top bookstore, proceed the test and analyze the result.

Key words:bookstore  JSP  conjunction database on the net




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目 录

引 言

第1章  概述

1.1 国内外研究现状

1.2 课题的背景与意义

1.2.1 课题的背景


2.3.1 web概述

2.3.2  HTTP协议

2.3.3  URL剖析

2.3.4  浏览器/服务器(b/s)模型

第2章   搭建网站的准备工作

2.1  JSP 简介

2.2  deamweaver简介

2.3  安装MSSQL 2000

2.3  JDK配置

2.4  tomcat配置

第3章   本科教学实验管理系统

3.1  本站基本功能如下

3.1.1  登陆页面(login.jsp)

3.1.2  登陆后的页面(login.jsp)

3.2  数据库设计

3.3  系统管理员页面

3.4  教师信息页面

3.5  课程安排管理

3.6  班级信息管理

3.7  教室管理页面

3.8  个人资料管理页面

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